Web Plotter Setup

The Web Plotter reads data from any Tango server and plots on a graph on a web page the values of all the attributes provided by the server.

Running the server

To run the web server use:

$ python webserver.py

This will start running a web server at <http://localhost:8080>.

From the web page you can access any tango device by adding its name at the end of the URL, e.g. <http://localhost:8080/C3/neurohs/epoc1>.

If the Tango device is up and running, a list of values and a graph should be displayed.


The Web Plotter will keep reading data from the Tango server and plot them in real time. You can select which attributes are plotted by checking/unchecking them in the list of attributes.

It is also possible to select how often the graph is updated and how many values are displayed by selecting the desired values under the graph.


If the list of attributes and the graph are empty, make sure that the name in the URL is correct and that the server is up and running. After you started the server you will have to refresh the page.

If the values stop being updated, verify that the server is still running and then try to refresh the page.

If the plotting is slowing down the browser/pc, try to select a longer update interval or a smaller number of displayed values.