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Describes the purpose of the document, and the intended audience.


Describes the scope of this requirements specification.

Applicable Documents

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Hardware Architecture

This section should give an overview of the corresponding HW environment that is related to the application, referring to the involved devices, their deployment, etc.

Devices and Components

Involved HW devices (if applies) should be mentioned here, technical details should be mentioned at an appendix.

Hardware Layout Diagram

If applies, a general HW layout diagram could be shown here. This diagram should focus on the devices mentioned before, plus WSs, Ethernet backbones, gateways, subsystems, etc.

Software Architecture

In this section a general overview of the software architecture should be given.

Interaction Diagram

A general system interaction diagram should go here.

Deployment Diagram

This diagram shows the deployment of the application over the mentioned HW layout.

User Manual

This section contains general descriptions, screenshots, etc., that explain how to use the application. Some examples are:

Application Start-up

Application Shut-down



Maintenance Manual

This section should contain all the information necessary to maintain the application. For example, it should describe the SW structure, how to perform configuration changes, software package names, basic package requirements, dependencies, etc.

Application Documentation

If applies, you could mention here any other relevant application documentation like README files, etc.

Class Diagram

If not automatically generated, this section could contain a class diagram.

Application Program Interface (API)

If not automatically generated, this section could contain the application’s API.

Package Diagram

Gives the name(s) of the involved packages and shows the package diagram.

Error Definitions

If applies, you could mention here the error definitions that apply for the application.

FAQ and Troubleshooting

Here you could write down FAQs and any relevant hint for the application’s troubleshooting.

Installation Guide

HW & SW Precondition


  • TBD

Operating system:

  • TBD


  • TBD

Software packages:

  • TBD

Step-by-step Procedure

Hardware Preparation

Application Installation

Appendix A